Guest Post: Traditional Media Tops Social Media

SOS Printing authored this interesting post the other day. Since StudioConover is a print and web design studio I love reading optimism like this because it gives me hope that I can have my rgb cake and cmyk it too. And, fittingly, I’ve chosen a blogpost to deliver this conception.

Here’s what SOS had to say to graphic designers, marketers and businesses alike:

Traditional Media outperforms Social Media at driving traffic to websites. How can that be? How can TV commercials and printed pieces drive online traffic better than social media? This is part of a growing trend that shows Social Media sites are becoming more and more flooded with marketing. Users are getting better at ignoring marketing efforts and focusing on the reason they came to the sites: Being social and interacting with people. You can liken this to something along the lines of banner blindness.

This is a great piece of knowledge to have when trying to plan the volume and elements of your marketing mix. While throngs of companies large and small have been adding more and more social media chunks to their budget, the smart marketer is not cutting that from traditional outlets. Based on a survey of over 12,000 individuals on 3 different continents, newspaper advertising and direct mail both score higher than social media. EVEN IF all you are trying to do is drive traffic to a website, Print will outperform Social Media. This is hardly news to us at SOS; we know print is the most effective piece of any company’s marketing mix. Need more facts for proof?

Direct mail gives advertisers a whopping 13:1 return on their investment.

Nearly 80 percent of internet users, said they were directly influenced to buy an item or service because of a direct mail.

Brand recall is WAY higher using print vs onscreen. Onscreen info is 20 to 30 % harder to read.

U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person in direct mail marketing to earn $2,095 worth of goods per person.

Once you do the research you will find that for companies large and small, print is the way to go. Read the following Print In The Mix post regarding the survey and its results and let SOS show you how to add print to your marketing mix today!

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