The Importance of Good Documentation

An organized and concise documentation brings value to your project or service. In the case of a programming language or a framework library, the code documents and user documents are both important. The first contributes to its maintenance and future releases, the second, (usually but unfortunately not always), a step-by-step instruction with implementation procedures, troubleshooting assistance, performance, and additional resources.

The ability to write and be able to rely on good documentation is one of the distinctive features of a devoted professional, and a major contributor to the success of a project.

An effective communication using design techniques are very welcome when writing a manual. Successful open-source projects such as wordpress, jquery and mootools have in common an excellent user documentation.

If you have plans to develop a new project or contribute to an existing one, remember to account for the time and effort to write a good manual. And don’t underestimate its significance.

When choosing to learn a new programming language, or one of its frameworks, browse for related resources and accessible information. Evaluate similar solutions and consider the available documentation. Chances are a good book will lead you the way to proficiency, but a succinct documentation will smooth the learning process and help you to maintain your sanity.

The importance of good documentation

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