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StudioConover’s scope of work included many components for the brand re-design. Beginning with the corporate identity re-design and tagline copywriting, Sumi-e-inspired brushstokes of the logomark and the tagline’s double meaning conjures a tranquil feeling and an indication of the product’s capability. Because of Syndecrete’s recycled content, the brochure, stationery and packaging design incorporated recycled materials and FSC certification that was calculated for the quantity of collateral materials produced.

communication design meets product design

StudioConover was contracted to consolidate a product line from the vast archive of colors and aggregates previously available. The original owner literally had hundreds of possible combinations. This proved too daunting for a re-launch of the Syndecrete line because specifiers were confused and manufacturing couldn’t keep up with the demand for the samples and finished product. Over a period of two days onsite, StudioConover pored over vast amounts of color pigment, studied various types of available fly ash and confirmed recycled aggregates that would be used as source admixture with the color pigment. A total of 25 colors comprise the newly revamped product line.By marrying the promise of Syndecrete’s sustainable manufacturing process with a brand image that mirrors that comittment in both print and online promotion, Syndcrete succeeds both in brand re-design and promise.



Zen and the art of concrete. Syndecrete’s brand makeover fused the organic historicity of sumi-ye brush painting with a clean, contemporary style to create a balanced minimalism that achieves perfect harmony. Building on their product’s sustainability pledge — which includes recycled content — Syndecrete’s sample packaging and promotional materials were produced within FSC-certified guidelines.

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