Chusid and Associates: Building Product Marketing

A few months ago we secured the website in our efforts to continue increasing organic relevancy for our expertise as designers and consultants for manufacturers of building products. My continued promotional and marketing efforting (yep, just add “ing” and you get a verb) has revealed some interesting players in the building products / marketing arena. One of them is Chusid Associates. Chusid’s website home page states: (They) “improve the quality of the built environment by identifying and promoting building products that redefine best industry practices. We accelerate the successful launch or repositioning of building products through creative marketing and technical services.”

Upon further inspection I also found their blog site: — which coincidently is the same name as ours (but they got the .com domain suffix first). What’s completely different, however, is their postings. Besides more numerous than our blog, their frequent postings on a wide variety of building product issues (building codes, regulations, public relations) along with the occasional self promotional posts, presents an adroit and often clever perspective.

This blog is for anyone in the business of manufacturing and marketing building products. Enjoy.

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