saving grace

This guest post from Megan Mazzocco, associate editor of Architectural Products, was first published in Architectural Products magazine, October 2013. StudioConover has been granted permission to re-post.

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“Have you used disposable wooden chopsticks in the last year?” asks Grace Jeffers, a design historian and curator of the materials pavilion during NeoCon 2013. Although this question may sound arbitrary, it is integral to her mission to get… READ MORE.

The comfort of Salt Rising Bread


I have been searching for salt rising bread for years. When I was a young boy growing up in Pittsburgh my mother would buy salt rising bread at the local A&P grocery store. She and her sister had an affinity for the bread; I believe they had a baker in Chicago when they too were young. My mother introduced us to it the way she had enjoyed it. Once toasted she would invite one of us (I have 4 younger sisters) on her lap at the breakfast table and… READ MORE.

Cobalt Blue. A nasty character that doesn’t play nice.


Sixth in an ongoing series of excerpts from Victoria Finlay’s book: Color: A Natural History of the Palette

Half the ultramarine in the world must have passed through Bamiyan (Afghanistan), and along parallel roads to the north and south. And there was another blue that travelled through the town the other way, from Persia and through into China. It was not quite so valuable, but it was almost as valued. It came from mines in Persia — now Iran — and in English it was called cobalt. Calling it… READ MORE.

California Fair-trade retail boutique helps children in India

In 2003, Nirmala Seshadri-Jagannath opened Amba Gallery — an independent, fair-trade retail boutique in Solana Beach, California. Nirmala is from Chennai, India and moved to the United States in her twenties. An accomplished Indian classical dancer and, by training, a psychologist, Nirmala is also deeply committed to the promotion and preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage of India. Through her gallery, Amba, she works to maintain the integrity and sustainability of traditional Indian craftsmanship while exploring innovative ways to adapt these crafts to contemporary lifestyles.

One visit and… READ MORE.

Anatomy of a Color Repaint for a Hawaiian Restaurant

Often we’re asked “What is an exterior color and materials consultant?” My most recent reply — and likely the best explanation so far — “Well, everyone knows what interior designers do; exterior designers do that on the outside of buildings”. Generally, a nod of understanding follows.

A recent trip to Kauai illustrates this explanation even more clearly.

Celia (my wife, business partner and Exterior Color and Materials Consultant nonpareil) was referred to TS Restaurants regarding their Duke’s property in Kauai. They were looking to repaint their oceanfront restaurant after quite a… READ MORE.

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