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Order Zithromax, This guest post from Megan Mazzocco, associate editor of Architectural Products, was first published in Architectural Products magazine, October 2013. StudioConover has been granted permission to re-post.

Visit Architectural Products for compelling architectural product articles and information. Also visit Grace Jeffers website for materials’ insight and design history.

“Have you used disposable wooden chopsticks in the last year?” asks Grace Jeffers, a design historian and curator of the materials pavilion during NeoCon 2013. Zithromax duration, Although this question may sound arbitrary, it is integral to her mission to get people to re-examine the materials they use, challenging perceptions that “real” is better than “fake.”

Grace Jeffers’ NeoCon presentation, Man Made Natural: Real vs. Fake Materials delivered provoking ideas about decisions designers should consider in material specification, Order Zithromax. AP caught up with Grace more recently to talk about her practical perspectives, especially on the subject of real versus fake, Zithromax for sale. Conventional thinking goes something like this: “real is better; imitation is cheap. Spec genuine materials close-up and fake ones out-of-reach.” This credo, says Jeffers, is overly simplified and shortsighted. Low dose Zithromax, From her perspective, all materials—both authentic and man-made, have virtue and value in every situation. Order Zithromax, Many times it’s more virtuous to leave natural materials in place and specify the man-made imitations. “My epiphany was looking at the laminate imitation of endangered wood species,” recalls Jeffers. Living a new credo of leave the wild thing wild, Zithromax no prescription, Jeffers notes almost 10% of all trees are on the verge of extinction, and they are demarcated the same way an animal species is indicated on the endangered species list. “You wouldn’t cover a sofa in panda or koala, would you. Ordering Zithromax online, So how could you justify using real [endangered] wood?”

Through her multi-disciplinary approach to design and materials research, Jeffers has discovered that modern materials are easily misunderstood, requiring a total reconsideration of which one—natural or man-made—is actually better. Many products are the practical replacement for materials that just couldn’t stand up to the applications they’re used for, Order Zithromax. For instance, early non-porous laminate surfaces replaced pop and chocolate syrup-stained marble (porous) surfaces at diners and soda fountains. A common laminate pattern was linen; it imitates costly linen tablecloths that are easily marred and expensive to clean and replace, Zithromax interactions.

Jeffers also points out that not only new materials, but the language surrounding them creates misunderstanding over real versus fake. “The language that we use: real is good and fake is bad, it comes from Old Testament stuff, Purchase Zithromax online, there’s virtue in real, and deceit or lack of virtue in fake.” Ironically, she says we have evolved as a species that does fake really well. Order Zithromax, Mimicry, says Jeffers, is connected to survival mechanism. In fact, humans’ ability to do so is linked to the development of culture. Despite that fact, order Zithromax online overnight delivery no prescription, she says we use language that makes us hate ourselves for doing it. For instance, art, artifact and artificial, Zithromax from mexico, all have the root of something we value—art—but artificial describes something we don’t really value.

Her advice for going forward. Relax and simply use materials for the benefits they offer, Order Zithromax. “We’re living in a world that is so processed, we’ve actually lost the barometer for what’s real, fake and natural,” says Jeffers, Zithromax price. So, she says, forego the taboo language, and concentrate on the best specification for the application. Cheap Zithromax, “Wake up and see the advantages of modern materials and use them to your advantage.

Consider, also, the context in which a material is being specified: what’s the application, who’s the client. “The context and the story are more important than real/fake in specifying the right material,”Zithromax class. Order Zithromax, reminds Jeffers.

For example, Stella McCartney will only design using artificial leather, because it’s cruelty-free. Some people might push back and say, Australia, uk, us, usa, well what about the PVCs. Is one better or worse. “It is up to designers to examine their values and ask what story do they want to tell,” she says.

What can an A/E/C industry faced with LEEDv4, a green and sustainable rating system known for forbidding some modern materials and allowing others, do, Zithromax without a prescription. “Understanding processes is tantamount,” says Jeffers, Order Zithromax. She suggests exploring not only a list of ingredients, but the processes surrounding a material, from the beginning of its useful life to the end of its product life before passing judgment or passing up a particular product. “Cradle-to-Cradle could be a better exploration and rating for materials, Zithromax price, coupon, because it takes into consideration the processes,” suggests Jeffers.

What’s more pressing is that she sees a generation of designers and future designers receiving inadequate material education, in need of more information and additional criteria beyond color, texture, durability and installation. “We are not teaching our students to be material scientists—it’s difficult, but in today’s materials world, it’s necessary.”

Finally, to the chopsticks question, Jeffers says eating with the implements means you’ve participated in illegal logging, so maybe a faux utensil is not such a bad thing.


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Ventolin No Rx, I have been searching for salt rising bread for years. When I was a young boy growing up in Pittsburgh my mother would buy salt rising bread at the local A&P grocery store, buy Ventolin online no prescription. No prescription Ventolin online, She and her sister had an affinity for the bread; I believe they had a baker in Chicago when they too were young. My mother introduced us to it the way she had enjoyed it, canada, mexico, india. Buy no prescription Ventolin online, Once toasted she would invite one of us (I have 4 younger sisters) on her lap at the breakfast table and allow us to dunk the toast in her black coffee. I'd watch as the butter dripped off into the cup, not completely mixing with the coffee, the tiny clear globules of butterfat dancing around the roasted coffee; each bite as delicious as the previous bite, Ventolin No Rx.

The years wore on and I either lost track, fast shipping Ventolin, Is Ventolin safe, lost interest or the local grocery store — after many mergers and acquisitions — quit stocking salt rising bread. We kids were all grown and graduated to out-of-town colleges and took root in cities near and far from Pittsburgh, Ventolin over the counter. Buy Ventolin without a prescription, It wasn't until years later a label caught my eye at the local Vons here in Southern California. It proclaimed: "Salt Rising bread" from Van deKamps, where can i buy Ventolin online. Ventolin No Rx, I was thrilled to again find the bread. Herbal Ventolin, I bought the entire inventory that day (kept enough for me and sent loaves to my sisters, mother and aunt), Ventolin long term. Ventolin treatment, But, it was only a matter of time until Vons discontinued stocking the bread, Ventolin natural. Ventolin online cod, I don't know why I thought of searching online for salt rising bread two weeks ago. I thought I had previously done so to no avail, Ventolin street price. Nonetheless, my taste buds tingled when a link to Rising Creek Bakery launched after my online search, Ventolin No Rx. When I received the loaf I immediately opened the package, untwisted the twisty-tie and buried my face inside the plastic bag and snorted a generous whiff of the bread's distinct smell. Immediately I was transported back to our kitchen and on my mother's lap. The bread's aroma was reassuring. It's bouquet (some would describe not so pleasantly) made me think this was it, this is the salt rising bread I remember. Ventolin No Rx, I quickly drove home, opened the bread bag — again taking another whiff — and popped a single slice into the toaster while hovering by, nostrils aflare, as the bread began its transformation. I was not disappointed. It was salt rising bread. And, the next morning, after heating up some remaining decaf coffee from the weekend, it delighted me even more. I toasted a piece of bread and after a generous slathering of butter, sliced it lengthwise and lowered the bread into the cup.

Though our mother is no longer with us I quietly mused: "Mom, it's nice to have some salt rising toast with you this morning."



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Sixth in an ongoing series of excerpts from Victoria Finlay’s book: Color: A Natural History of the Palette Ventolin Dosage, Half the ultramarine in the world must have passed through Bamiyan (Afghanistan), and along parallel roads to the north and south. And there was another blue that travelled through the town the other way, Ventolin alternatives, Ventolin description, from Persia and through into China. It was not quite so valuable, comprar en línea Ventolin, comprar Ventolin baratos, Ventolin no rx, but it was almost as valued. It came from mines in Persia — now Iran — and in English it was called cobalt, order Ventolin online c.o.d. Ventolin dangers, Calling it "cobalt" is rather like calling it "goblin": in German folk legend Kobald was the name of a vicious sprite who lived in the earth and resented intruders. It is a decent metal on its own, Ventolin australia, uk, us, usa, Doses Ventolin work, but it attracts a nasty companion in the form of arsenic, so the European silver miners who often came across it hated it, Ventolin without prescription, Ventolin steet value, gave it the name of a gremlin, and for centuries they threw it away before it ate their feet and attacked their lungs, where can i order Ventolin without prescription. Ventolin trusted pharmacy reviews, It was not simply the arsenic which made it seem a mysterious force: in the 17th century people discovered its propensity to change color on heating and used it in invisible ink; when the plain paper was held over a fire it would magically turn green where secret messages had been traced.

— Victoria Finlay
excerpted from her book: Color: A Natural History of the Palette

Visit her website: victoriafinlay.com and see more colorful work at: studioconover.com

Flickr image © All rights reserved by Will Earl

goblin, Ventolin maximum dosage. Discount Ventolin. Ventolin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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Acomplia Over The Counter, In 2003, Nirmala Seshadri-Jagannath opened Amba Gallery — an independent, fair-trade retail boutique in Solana Beach, California. Purchase Acomplia, Nirmala is from Chennai, India and moved to the United States in her twenties, Acomplia brand name. Where can i buy cheapest Acomplia online, An accomplished Indian classical dancer and, by training, Acomplia samples, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, a psychologist, Nirmala is also deeply committed to the promotion and preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage of India, Acomplia from canada. Acomplia dosage, Through her gallery, Amba, Acomplia mg, Kjøpe Acomplia på nett, köpa Acomplia online, she works to maintain the integrity and sustainability of traditional Indian craftsmanship while exploring innovative ways to adapt these crafts to contemporary lifestyles.

One visit and you immediately recognize Nirmala's artistic vision and how well her offerings complement contemporary international lifestyles, online Acomplia without a prescription. Throughout the gallery, Bengalese Kantha embroidery, Shibori patterned fabrics and homespun Khadi cloth envelop an interior peppered with these amazingly precious toy-like handmade crafts of recycled printed cotton; the remnants of tailored garments, Acomplia Over The Counter. My Acomplia experience, With the supervision of adults, these toys — partially handmade in India by at-risk children — embody the innocent nonchalance that can only be see through a child's eyes, what is Acomplia. Effects of Acomplia, It is these at-risk children that impact Nirmala. Street kids and children without stable homes or shelter can be found on railway platforms, Acomplia coupon, Online buying Acomplia hcl, in bus stations, near temples and durgahs, under bridges and in the markets. Too many of them to imagine, and one particular organization — ChildLine India Foundation (CIF) — is a great help to these children. CIF provides healthcare, education and abuse prevention in numbers often too great to count. Their vision (as stated) imagines India as “A child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children.” Their “4C’s” Mission: Connect, Catalyze, Collaborate and Communicate, reaches out to children in need in order to ensure their rights and protect their wellbeing.

Proceeds from the sale of these handmade toys go directly to the ChildLine India Foundation and helps support their vision and mission.

Visit Amba on Cedros at:
143 South Cedros #105B
Solana Beach CA 92075
(The Southwest corner of The Belly Up Tavern)
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm
858 259 2622

Find out more about Childline India Foundation at:


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Lasix Dosage, Often we're asked "What is an exterior color and materials consultant?" My most recent reply — and likely the best explanation so far — "Well, everyone knows what interior designers do; exterior designers do that on the outside of buildings". Lasix wiki, Generally, a nod of understanding follows, real brand Lasix online. Purchase Lasix online no prescription, A recent trip to Kauai illustrates this explanation even more clearly.

Celia (my wife, Lasix reviews, Lasix dose, business partner and Exterior Color and Materials Consultant nonpareil) was referred to TS Restaurants regarding their Duke's property in Kauai. They were looking to repaint their oceanfront restaurant after quite a number of years, where can i find Lasix online. And, lucky me, I got to go too, Lasix Dosage. Lasix pictures, We flew to Kauai and arrived at the site early Friday morning and we were immediately struck by how complex the architecture was with its wood beam framing, siding and open floorplan, Lasix overnight. Lasix images, Adding to the challenge was an adjacent restaurant (not operated by TS Restaurants) which shares the same building. Its west-facing façade was a dominant elevation seen by approaching restaurant-goers from the nearby carpark, taking Lasix. Buy Lasix from canada, Within moments of assessment of the overall challenge, Cecelia opened the paint kits we had brought with us and began digging into the scores of swatches that accompany her on every field trip, Lasix schedule. Lasix Dosage, For the next 5 hours, Celia, the client, and the interior designer (who had flown in from Honolulu early that morning) held up paint chips. Lasix canada, mexico, india, They were held up in the sun, in the shade, Lasix recreational, Lasix forum, up high, down low, near the furniture and away from everything — so as to identify the candidates that were to be mixed at the local paint retailer for test swatches.

My task for the day (and subsequent followup the next day) was to stand at the walls, paint chips in hand, while Cecelia and the attendant TS team assessed the various options that were being considered. And though we've yet to see the building painted en totale there are some steps that are worth taking next time you commence a repaint.

1 Visit the site. You get a much better feel when you see the building in context with its surrounding.
2 Look at the building at all times of day. Color, as you can imagine changes throughout the day, Lasix Dosage. Making sure it looks good in every light is important.
3 Refer to color swatches, not brands. Painting contractors can have suppliers match color from swatches. You don't have to select only colors from a particular manufacturer.
4 Paint test areas and re-paint if they're still not just right. The first suggestion we all know. If needed, adjusting color and repainting test swatches is just as important and will save time and money in the long run.


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